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Your Wedding Day is one of the most important and special days of your entire life....  

Would you like to create the most amazing wedding day of your dreams?

Do you want your wedding to be the talk of the town for years to come?  


The music and entertainment at your wedding will play a huge part in creating the right atmosphere and

also the lasting memories that you and your guests will have of your special day.


Pizazz has the experience and passion to set the mood at your wedding, and create a perfect ambient,

beautiful atmosphere, as well as fun, energy and excitement, and wonderful lasting memories.



Pizazz Wedding Entertainment - Wedding Music Information for Brides & Grooms:  

** If your questions are not answered below, please don't hesitate to call Tracy on 0417 335 640 **


1. What does Pizazz offer at Wedding Receptions?

2. Can we hear Pizazz?

3. Does Pizazz have Reviews from Brides and Grooms?  

4. How do we book Pizazz?

5. What types of songs does Pizazz perform?

6. Can we choose the songs?

7.  What does Pizazz Wedding Band Cost?

8. Does Pizazz perform at Multi-Cultural Weddings?

9. What type of atmosphere does Pizazz provide?

10. How loud does the band play?

11. Does Pizazz offer any free extras?  

12. Which Wedding Venues has Pizazz performed at?


1. What does Pizazz offfer at Wedding Receptions:  

Pizazz performs 4 x 40-45 minute “Live” music sets at Weddings (we are very flexible).  

We provide fantastic music during our breaks (stylish music during dinner / DJ upbeat dance music later on)    

Your Bridal Dance (can be performed "live") - choose a song from our extensive repertoire, or your own song.  

Pizazz uses a  State of the Art P.A. System for top quality sound.  

Professional Lighting is provided to ensure the performances are even more visually entertaining.    

A cordess microphone is provided (if necessary) for speeches.     

Pizazz will liaise with your MC (Master of Ceremonies), Function Manager, as well as your Photographer and   

Videographer to ensure the smooth running of your wedding.    


2. Can we hear Pizazz?

Yes, to go our demos, please just go to our Music page.

Many of our demos are Live Recordings from Weddings that we have performed at.

These will give you an idea of some of the songs that we may perform.

Remember that we can tailor YOUR WEDDING MUSIC by including (or leaving out) your preferred styles or artists.


3. Does Pizazz have Reviews from Brides and Grooms?  

Yes! We are extremely grateful that so many Brides and Grooms have sent beautiful thankyou messages and

feedback after Pizazz performed at their weddings. Please click Reviews.  

Pizazz has earnt a great reputation as one of Melbourne's top Wedding Bands. Countless Melbourne Brides

and Grooms have trusted PIzazz as their Wedding Entertainment. Pizazz knows that every wedding is unique, as

each bride and groom has their own tastes in music. Pizazz has the experience and passion to tailor your wedding

music to your likes and preferences and have earnt a great reputation as one of Melbourne's Top Wedding


Pizazz was proudly named as a Finalist for Live Wedding Entertainment in Melbourne, Victoria in 2011. This was

awarded at The Australian Bridal Industry Awards. These awards are voted for by Brides and Grooms for Quality

of Product, Quality of Service, Value for Money and Attitude of Staff. Pizazz provides an exceptional, high quality

and professional service from the moment you book the band, excellent communication leading up to your

Wedding Day, and of course, provides an amazing and memorable performance at every wedding that they

perform at!    


4. How do we book Pizazz? 

Just go to our page that says Book

All the details that you will need are on that page.


5. What types of songs does Pizazz perform?

Pizazz has a brilliant repertoire pleasing younger crowds, mixed age-groups & the "young at heart".

Pizazz performs many styles of music to cater for younger crowds, mixed age-groups, and songs that older

guestwill love and appreciate! Just let us know which styles you'd like us to include and we'll happily oblige! 

Pizazz offers an Amazing Repertoire covering many of the most popular styles of music including the Latest Modern

Songs, Jazz, Love Ballads, Jazz, Funk, R & B, Dance, Pop, Rock, Rock N Roll, and everything in between!


The SONGS that we perform will please ALL AGE-GROUPS, so that everyone at your function will have a great

time! Pizazz is very experienced at reading the crowd & choosing songs to perform that will appeal to the age

groups of guests at the function  The songs that we perform are always APPROPRIATE for weddings!  

Popular, fantastic songs for the special moments of the evening (Bride and Groom's Entry into the room,

Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss, Garter Removal and Garter Toss, Farewell Circle).  See our Repertoire.


6. Can we choose the songs?  

Absolutely! Pizazz performs the Music that you desire at your Wedding - it's your wedding after all!  :-)

Our songs are always fabulous, appropriate for weddings and tastefull Pizazz has the experience and passion to

tailor YOUR WEDDING MUSIC to your likes and preferences. We know that every Wedding is unique, and each

bride and groom has their own tastes in music. It is important to us that you are happy with the music that we

perform at your wedding.  

You are very welcome (in fact, we encourage you) to at least let us know the styles of music that you enjoy, so we

can ensure that we include them on the night. Pizazz will ALWAYS ensure that we find out the type of music that you

would like at your wedding - for example - whether you really do, or don't like JAZZ, or you love the 80s, or R n B,

or the LATEST HITS, or another style of music, or a particular SINGER, and we will

ensure that we include the styles of music that you like.  


7. What does Pizazz Wedding Band cost?

Prices range from $1000 to $2000 depending on the Band Size (Duo, Trio, Four Piece), Date, Location, Number of

Guests, Time of Year and Day of the Week.    

You can choose the band size according to the stage size / space at your venue and of course, your budget.  

Pizazz is an established, self-managed Wedding Band in Melbourne Victoria. Therefore, there is no agency

fee, and there are no hidden costs.

Even with a fabulous reputation, and Rave Reviews from many, many Happy Brides & Grooms, Pizazz still offers a

GREAT PRICE for our wedding band. We know how expensive weddings are, and understand your need to stick to

your budget and have some extra money left over for your honeymoon of a lifetime!  So you'll be amazed by our

price and our unbelievably professional service!

8. Does Pizazz perform at Multi-Cultural Weddings?

Yes, and we love it! Pizazz provides fabulous live music and entertainment at all types of Weddings Receptions in

Melbourne, including many multi-cultural weddings.

Pizazz Band performs at many Asian Weddings, Italian Weddings, Greek Weddings, Anglo-Indian Weddings, Sri

Lankan Weddings, Macedonian Weddings, Croatian Weddings, many Aussie Weddings, and of course many other

nationalities as well! 

Although we don't sing in other languages, we are very happy if you would like to provide music on CD or ipod with

some cultural music during one of our breaks.

Many couples like to do this, at they don't want a LOT of cultural music, maybe just 4 or 5 songs (especially to

please the family!) :)



9. What type of atmosphere does Pizazz provide?

Pizazz provides an amazing atmosphere, every time! Pizazz will perform songs to match the atmoshere that

you want to create, whether it be a classy cocktail type wedding, a casual and relaxed wedding, an elegant and stylish fairytale type wedding, or maybe you'd love a real party atmosphere. Pizazz is able to create exactly the mood that you desire.

Pizazz will set a beautiful romantic and relaxed mood, and create an ambient atmosphere at the start of

the evening, while guests are eating their meals and mingling. 

After meals are out of the way, Pizazz really gets the party & celebrations going, and peforms music that

is guaranteed to get people off their seats and on to the dance floor !   

Pizazz guarentees to get your guests up DANCING - yes, both young and old! 

We have been told time and time again from our Brides & Grooms that they loved the fact that the dance floor was

almost always full and even the guests who didn't usually dance - DANCED!!!


10. How loud does the band play?

Pizazz ensures the perfect volume of music. The volume of the music is very important at your wedding.  Early in

the evening is when guests are mingling and catching up as they may not have seen each other in a while. There

is nothing worse than having to scream over loud music, or smiling and pretending that you heard what someone

said when you really didn't!!  So Pizazz always keeps this is mind, and keeps the music at a reasonable volume at

the start of the night....   but turns the volume up later on to really get the dancing and the partying happening!  


11. Free Extra Services to help you save time and help you to get organised! 

Once Pizazz is booked for your Wedding, you can breathe a sigh of relief that the entertainment side of things is

under control! With years of experience, Pizazz knows what it takes to provide a service that covers more than just

AMAZING MUSIC at your wedding!        

Tracy, who is the Band Manager / Lead Vocalist, will liaise with you from the word go. Customer service is extremely important to her, and she will help you with.......      

1. Decreasing your stress.....She is almost always contactable via email or phone to answer any questions you may have, and offers invaluable advice along the way. 

2. Help with song choices.....especially for the special moments, eg. Bridal Waltz, Cake, Farewell Song etc. 

3. Saving you time! Tracy will email you Samples of Running Sheets (the order of the evening) to save you precious time and help you be more organised.

4. Organisation - Tracy will email you Wedding Advice and Handy Hints.This includes everything from where to seat elderly and very young how to savour every moment at your wedding!       


12. Which Melbourne Wedding Venues has Pizazz performed at?

An easier question may be, which ones hasn't Pizazz performed at?!

We have been really priveleged to have performed at most of the popular Wedding Reception Venues in

Melbourne. For a fairly comprhensive list of Wedding Venues that we have performed at, please click Venues.




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